Hi Ben,

8/11/2018 Lauren & Kyle's wedding:
We are booked for 10 hours but its pretty nearby so thats cool. I put the timeline below! 


Girls getting ready location: TBD
Guys getting ready location: TBD
St. John Nuemann Church: 2900 E Main St. St Charles, IL
Abbey Farms: 2855 Hart Rd. Aurora, IL

11:00am: Start
12:45pm: Trolley leaves the residence inn to head to St. John Nuemann
2:00pm: Ceremony begins
3:00pm: Family photos in church, etc
4:00pm: Head to Abbey Farms for photos
6:00pm: Cocktail hour begins
7:10pm: Introductions, Cake Cutting, Father of the Bride Speech/Prayer
7:30pm: Dinner, BM & MOH Speeches during dinner
8:30pm: Dancing begins
8:40pm: Bride & Groom speech
8:45pm: First Dance , Father / Daughter Dance, Mother / Son Dance
9:00pm: Dance floor opens
9:00pm: DONE!


^^^In this first set of photos they had like 3 or 4 hours to kill so don't worry getting any "posed" photos (we have plenty of time after to do that stuff later). Just get the guys getting ready and being themselves, so really no pressure. Also get any details you see like shoes, cufflinks, ties, gifts, ect. 

If there is any nice window light where the groom is getting ready this is always a great shot to get 

Just some more from another wedding :) 

The one thing i will need you to do is during the bridal party photos we need to get indeviduals of the groom with each groomsman and same with the bride. So while I'm doing the girl side, you will get the guys! You can have them do 1 nice one and 1 fun/goofy one or just a nice one!  

& here is a full gallery from a 10 hour wedding day with a second shooter: